Errth Flex Base As An Outdoor Tile Adhesive

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Ceramic or porcelain tile cannot be used outside on concrete because the expansion and
contraction, due to temperature fluctuations, Is different for each and therefore will crack the tile
and/or the grout.  However Errth Flex has a solution, Errth Flex Base Coat.
Applying Errth Flex Base Coat to the concrete as an adhesive for the tile solves the problem. The
elasticity of the acrylic resins and the recycled rubber allows the tile and concrete to expand and
contract at different rates thus preventing cracking. This is the same way Errth Flex prevents
cracking on exterior walls.
The pictures above show the tiling of a patio in Scottsdale AZ, where the temperatures can get
down to the teens in the winter and into the 120˚’s in the summer.  This patio was tiled in 2004 and
the finished pictures were taken in the summer of 2018. As the pictures above show there has been
no cracking of either the tile or the grout.