Errth Flex History and Details



  1. History of Errth Flex Coatings

          a. Product was originally developed as a

              stucco repair coating.

          b. Used extensively in Germany, Russia,

              Canada & the USA for more than 30


          c. Sold outside the USA as Cano


          d. Errth Flex is a much upgraded product 

              from the original.

  2. Testing and Quality Assurance

          a. Complete ASTM Testing by Intertek Testing Services.

               i Received an ICC Legacy Report applied to Plywood.

               ii. Tested on light steel framed, magnesium oxide wall panel by                    a                             Miami-Dade Building Code accredited testing lab.

                   Six panels were "shot" by a 150MPH 2"x4" "missile". All panels passed the test.

               iii. Errth Flex has undergone extensive additional testing in southern California by                      Ramtech Laboratories for a full ICC Evaluation Report. Passing these tests                           with very good results , including passing the "Wind Driven Rain" test at                                135MPH.

          b. All Errth Flex Coatings are manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona under extreme                         Quality Assurance Standards and Controls.

               i. Every batch of product is closely controlled and extensive QC records are kept                     on each batch.


  3. Product Overview

          a. Errth Flex coatings are all manufactured from the same resin base materials,                        which means that all of our products adhere to each other very well.

          b. We use no cement or silica sand in our manufacturing.

          c. Over 48% of the content of our products is either recycled or salvaged materials.

          d. All products are shipped in 90 mil pails; each product has its own colored lid and is

              completely labeled. That way there is no confusion on the job site.

          e. Products are shipped by weight not by gallons.Product should be stored out of                     direct sunlight when in the temperatures we have in Arizona.

          f. Product shelf life is in excess of one year, as long as you keep the pails sealed and              store per our directions.

          g. Cleanup is water and dish soap, soak your tools over night and they will cleanup                   quickly. Same for shoes.

          h. NEVER let Errth Flex freeze before it is applied and drys.


  4. Colors, Textures and Finishes.

          a. Errth Flex Top, or Single Coat comes in almost any color and three textures,                         Fine. Medium and Coarse.


  5. Hand applied or sprayed?

          a. In most cases hand troweling of Errth Flex is the best method and it allows for any                type of surface texture to be achieved, however it can also be sprayed as can be                  seen in Technical Information/Application Videos. 

          b. You will find Errth Flex to be one of the easiest material to apply with NO painting.