About Errth Flex

Wall Coatings

Make your construction project, whether new or remodel, more beautiful with the durable building coating by Errth Flex LLC. Our stucco replacement product is easy to apply, and is extremely resistant to cracking, fading and severe weather. And it is NOT an EFIS or Dryvit type product. 


About Us


Protect the investment you have made in your home with protective wall coatings by Errth Flex LLC in Phoenix, Arizona. We created Errth Flex coatings to serve as a replacement for stucco, which is a cementitious product that will crack easily, needs to be painted regularly and has no insulating ability.



About Errth Flex

Errth Flex is an Environmentally Friendly product that lasts for the life of the building and will stand up to the worst weather conditions. Our stucco replacement product is made of acrylics, which are very flexible, and recycled rubber and comes premixed and pre-colored, with sun reflective pigments that keep the color from fading, for an easy application without the mess and added labor that comes with on site mixing.

Quality Assurance

Use the best product on the market for new or remodel construction, Errth Flex. All of our stucco replacement coatings are made in Phoenix, Arizona, under extreme quality assurance standards and controls. Each batch is closely monitored, and we keep extensive quality control records on every batch. Every pail has a batch number on it, and we have production records and samples for every container we send out.